This project was submitted as my thesis for consideration of Master of Arts in English at the University of Oklahoma in Spring of 2019! I had a lot of fun with the project overall and it represents a great deal of my interests in terms of video games and academia. Above, you can access the project itself via the run button, or download it via the prompt below. What follows is the abstract for the project: 

Current studies of game narrative and design, particularly with regard to morality, have focused mainly on direct player engagement. However, this otherwise reasonable perspective omits the other ways in which people experience and engage with games. This project examines the discourse around the game Undertale and how its community engages with the game, as well as the complications that are posed to the player-centric experience by Let's Players and Speedrunners, who transform games into grounds for spectacles on their own terms.

Install instructions

This project works best when viewed in Google Chrome and should work well enough when viewed on a desktop or a device in landscape mode. It functions on mobile, as well, but formatting for it in particular was beyond my abilities at the time. Beyond this, I can't make guarantees and I hear tell that Twine projects don't play so nice with Safari in particular. 


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